Returning to a normal routine

Anyone with kids can appreciate that school holidays can be a struggle, especially for working parents; trying to arrange time off, babysitters, taking the little darlings on days out.

I suppose I’m lucky with working from home, I don’t need to worry about childcare during the holidays. My kids are also a little older, two of my sons work full time, so I only have the three school age to think about, sixteen, twelve and eight. And , when it comes down to it it’s usually only me and my eight-year-old daughter, the other two spend most of their time with friends.

My kids go back to school on Wednesday this week, and I have mixed emotions both sadness and happiness. Sad that I don’t get to spend more time with them but happy to be getting back into a routine. No more late nights and staying in bed until lunchtime.

No back to early-ish nights and up early to start the day. I’m sure everyone has their own opinions on school holidays, but for me, the last seven weeks seem to have gone by very quickly. But I am looking forward to getting our family lives back to normal.

Me and my oldest boys xIMG_3800


She’s Captured my Love

She’s Captured my Love is now live on amazon and is Free on KU. Although this is book 4 in the series, this can be read as a 3d cover

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“What time did you get home last night?” I ask Lindsay, as I walk into our bedroom. The bedroom I didn’t sleep in last night. “Was work busy?” I can hear the sarcasm with my question in my own voice, so surely she must.

“Oh, I can’t remember,” she lies. “You were fast asleep on the couch; I didn’t want to wake you. And yeah, work was busy. I was in meetings all day, so when I finally got back to the office I was playing catch up.” Seriously, she’s wanting me to believe she was actually working until after midnight. She must think I’m fucking stupid. I wonder what her reaction would be if I was out all day supposedly working until after midnight? I know it would result in a shouting match, probably with her accusing me of all sorts of things.

Yeah, that would be about right, an argument. That’s all we seem to do these days, argue.

I finally gave in about twelve thirty, fell asleep in front of the television and she still wasn’t home. When she left yesterday morning, she had told me she would be working late until about eight pm. So with her working I decided to cook us a nice dinner, which I ended up eating on my own about ten. I did try to phone her more than once, but her phone was switched off. Shall I give her the benefit of the doubt and say it had run out of battery?

I know which one it was! She has a bloody charger in her car.

#amwriting #readers He’s Captured my Soul

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He’s Captured my Heart
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He’s Captured my Trust
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He’s Captured my Soul
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#amwriting #readers Introduction to Libby Stewart

hescapturedmyheartfront170915Let me introduce myself to those you that don’t yet know me, my name is Elizabeth Ann Stewart, or Libby to my friends.
What should I tell you about myself?
Well, I am a twin. My brother Ethan and I are twenty-three years old, with brown eyes and brown hair. We are really close. Ethan is a single dad, to our beautiful Lucy. At the moment he is trying to juggle bringing up his daughter and trying to get his life back on track. My friend Kirsty thinks Ethan is pretty hot. I will tell you more about her shortly.
My parents Jane and Phil have been a godsend to both Ethan and I lately. My mum doesn’t look her age. At forty-five she could quite easily pass for being ten years younger. I suppose I’m blessed with some of my mothers features, but Ethan looks much more like her.
Whats to say about my dad, he’s a family man that has worked exceptionally hard over the years. His public relations business is his main business concern. He also owns Stewart hotel and country estate on the banks of Loch Lomond, it was passed onto him when my grandfather passed away. The hotel I fell in love with, when I was only a small child. The hotel that set me on my career path. The hotel I am now going to manage. I’ve dreamt of running it for years, and now it’s a reality.
My closest friend Kirsty, what can I say about her; everyone needs a Kirsty in their life. She always knows what to say at the right time. She can always make me laugh, even in the darkest of times. She has such a bubble personality, and is usually the life and soul of the party.
I suppose that’s enough about me for the time being. You can read the start of my story in He’s Captured my Heart.

Is the romance side of my relationship dead

Okay so my husband was asked a question the other day, about me and my writing. That in itself is not uncommon, he has faced many questions in recent months, in his shops. No this was a slightly different and I believe it made him a little uncomfortable. He’s had all sorts of questions, most of his customers want to know if my story is based on him.

So here is the question he was asked;

Did your wife start writing, because the romance side of your relationship is gone. Was she looking for something she wasn’t getting at home?

I actually laughed out loud at the question, when he repeated it. We have spoke many times, of my reasons for writing, and he is very aware that was not one of them. But it did have me asking, is this what everyone thinks of romance writers? Has anyone else experienced this? Does it make you uncomfortable?

Most of my reasons were in fact, to do with escapism. And I’m sure that is the case for a lot of authors. A way of escaping from the pressures of everyday life, work, family, running about after everyone. Mines has to be work. Working full-time on our family business, being in the office all day and then bringing it home most nights. Writing was just a way, of shutting myself off.

The person that asked the question, actually wants me to go and do a talk to a group of both ladies and men. So I’m glad hubby mentioned it to me, so I can prepare, because I’m sure the question will be asked to me. I’m more than happy to answer, the question and clarify that in fact there is nothing lacking in my relationship with my husband.

Back to normal

So it’s always hard trying to get back into a routine, after being on holiday. You spend two weeks relaxing in the sunshine with family and friends and wake up on your first day home to rain.

Well I for one am not letting the weather upset me today. It’s true you do do feel happier when it’s sunny. I have a lot to get through today and I’m sure I will catch up. But first things first today. After spending two weeks over eating and I suppose over-drinking, the first routine to get back into is a heathy one, so exercise class first. This will be a toughie.

Have a great day xxx

News Up-date #amwriting #thecapturedseries

Some news on the Captured Series

He’s Captured my Heart is on Sale until the 1st July for only £0.99/ $0.99

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He’s Captured my Trust is released on the 15th June. Pre-order link is now available

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Amazon UK:

I’m currently writing book 3 in the series and this should conclude Libby and Alex’s story although there is at least one more book in the pipeline for this series, with a character, that I think has been an important part of the series. I will be able to bring you an update to book 4 as soon as book 3 is complete. I do hope this is a character, that you all enjoy.

I would hope that book 3 would be released in the later part of the year. I do already have the title for this, but will keep it under wraps for a bit.

I should also be in the position, within the next week to give you an update on all signings I will be attending in 2016. 2016 is shaping up to be a pretty good year, I might just get to do some travelling. xxx